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I’m going to let you in on a little secret today: I’ve got two Bachelor degrees, one Master’s, and I’m in a career nothing along the lines of what I’ve studied. Why? Because I didn’t know what I was getting into in the first place.

And, since my Master’s is in Psychology, I’ve taken a…

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When packing your bathroom accessories…Be sure to tape the tops of the containers where they open. If not, there’s a chance that the top might pop open for one reason or another, and there goes your shampoo/bodywash/whatever all over everything else. Just a tip I’ve learned from moving so many times.

On a side note, take only what you need. Don’t take all 5 brands of shampoo you like, only take what you think you’ll be able to carry in and out of the bathroom everyday.


what do you suggest about textbooks? buy them new? used? rental? or not at all until the first week of classes?

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Some sites will tell you not to buy them until the first week, but personally I always buy them. Even if you don’t use them in the class,t hey’re good for studying and cramming before the tests. If I can’t borrow the book from a friend, I ALWAYS buy them used. ALWAYS. We use sites like and I never buy them new, unless it’s like a $5 book for a walking class :P If I can get a textbook that’s been written in for less, even better; the person before me might have left notes!

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A dish rack. No long explanation why this is useful, except for the fact that, who wants to actual put up the dishes after washing them? None of your roommates would have thought about this though! A very cheap and efficient tool in the kitchen.

TIP #1 From TheGoodLifeOnCampus:

"Try not to pack too much! Rookie mistakes involve packing way too much, because 4 months sounds like a long time to be away before winter break, so you pack everything you can possibly think you’ll need or use. But trust me, only pack what is absolutely necessary. This means: only pack the clothes you like the most, won’t have to hand wash, and can layer because of the weather changes throughout the semester. Don’t pack anything you “might wear” because chances are, you won’t, and those things take up room. Ladies, don’t bring shoes you never wear; bring one or two pairs of kickass heels for going out, shower sandals, a pair or two of flats, one pair of sneakers, and one pair of boots for the colder weather. You really don’t need much more than that. I make that mistake a lot. Oh, guys too, there is no need for 9 pairs of sneakers. Shoes are the hardest thing to keep organized, so limit the amount you have, it will help."

Tip #2 From TheGoodLifeOnCampus

"Try to condense your stuff. It was mentioned in one of the tips over here, that some things can be decorative storage. That way, it looks awesome to be in your room, and it holds all the stuff your awful college standard furniture doesn’t hold (it never does seem to be enough space). So invest in some storage ottomans (Bed Bath and Beyond has some decent ones, but you can probably find them anywhere.) but those are a little small. I know my friend had a cute brown one that stored her chocolate and her dvds, but that was pretty much it. Given, she had a sizable amount of chocolate. However, also mentioned in that tip, was this really awesome trunk at which comes in so many great colors, it’ll match just about any room. Those are much bigger, and really sturdy, and they just look so cool, I fully intend on getting one for my dorm. Those definitely help condense things, because you can just toss in blankets and shoes and extra pillows or whatever excess stuff you’ve got around."

Tip #3 From TheGoodLifeOnCampus:

"Don’t underestimate desk supplies! It’s easy to just toss things on your desk when you’re not using them, but if you’ve got a holder or a tray for specific things, you are more likely to put them back in their spots, because it’s right there. To ignore your holder-thing would be like throwing garbage on the floor next to a garbage can.

Throw out papers you don’t need. I hold onto everything, which is a problem because I don’t know where to put all my papers. Even if the class is over I feel like I may need that information one day. I probably won’t ever be able to find it when I need it, so write it up on the computer, and throw out the paper. There’s no need for the mess when it is easily dealt with.”

TIP #4 from TheGoodLifeOnCampus

"Don’t bring books to read if you don’t have time to read them. My freshman year, I was bringing a bunch of books because I had spent the summer reading. I didn’t have time with classes and the new living-on-my-own thing, so they just sat there collecting dust with my textbooks (p.s. use the textbooks, they help! I swear!). So I would say, if you aren’t sure if you’ll read them, leave them home, and if you change your mind, get them over winter break or have your parents mail one or two."

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