Tip #2 From TheGoodLifeOnCampus

"Try to condense your stuff. It was mentioned in one of the tips over here, that some things can be decorative storage. That way, it looks awesome to be in your room, and it holds all the stuff your awful college standard furniture doesn’t hold (it never does seem to be enough space). So invest in some storage ottomans (Bed Bath and Beyond has some decent ones, but you can probably find them anywhere.) but those are a little small. I know my friend had a cute brown one that stored her chocolate and her dvds, but that was pretty much it. Given, she had a sizable amount of chocolate. However, also mentioned in that tip, was this really awesome trunk at SecureOnCampus.com which comes in so many great colors, it’ll match just about any room. Those are much bigger, and really sturdy, and they just look so cool, I fully intend on getting one for my dorm. Those definitely help condense things, because you can just toss in blankets and shoes and extra pillows or whatever excess stuff you’ve got around."